Some Canadian History

Transcriptions from journals and records in the Hudson's Bay Company Archives.

About 350 years ago the Hudson's Bay Company started sending young men to Canada to trade with the natives. The HBC also made these young men keep journals and records of the happenings in the areas they were so employed. What follows are a few of the stories and vignettes and moments in those journals.

I try to be accurate but I make many mistakes. All question marks are mine. They didn't care about punctuation so if something doesn't make sense, change a period or comma, then maybe it'll be clear. But maybe not.....

A note written in the York Factory Accounts book dated 1792-93.
" Your Honors will please to Observe that ever since this Draught Book was begun to be wrot that I have always been in a state of Intoxication which prevented me from being so Correct as I could wish.
g d."
1M675 B.239/d/100

James Peter Whitford and Magnus Spence - Ancestors, the reason I started this.

Lists of HBC names, and More lists of HBC names and Native names.

Stories and Misc.
  Things posted before 2012

Dated stuff
  Things posted beginning 2012 - The latest being   Mad Donald   Donald Mackay's Brandon House Journal 1793-94 And I have finally finished George Sutherland's Sturgeon Lake Journal from 1779-80  here
Finished Peter Fidlers Journal at Ile a la Crosse 1810-1811. here

Carlton House 1815-16 here

Carlton House 1816-17 here

A report on Carlton House 1818-1819 and a little correspondence from Carlton House 1816 here

Some of the entries mentioning women are here

Spring breakup at York Factory 1788 here

Some leftover bits here

Reel Number
  This is some of the above organized into the microfilm reels they came from. I intend to update it eventually....

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